Creativity in the Cloud

When Cricut began the process of reinventing its software experience, we had an important choice to make.
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Earth Day Banner

Celebrate Earth Day with a festive banner.A beautiful Earth Day Banner
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Spring Flowers

Brighten up a room with felt tulips!
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Sophisticated Spring Decor

Decorating for Easter doesn't always need to involve pastel overload or bold, bright colors! These simple "egg" baskets add a subtle element of Easter decor to your home.
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Custom Cootie Catchers

Customize cootie catchers for weddings, parties or home decor with the Cricut Explore! Paper Fortune Teller

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Leather Pencil Holder

Make this trendy leather pencil holder in just a few steps!


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Leather Headband Tutorial

Mix up your usual hairdo with a stylish headband!

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Boring Black Meets Bling

Add some class to a plain black cell phone case using vinyl and the Cricut Explore™ !
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Why we created Cricut Design Space.

  Cricut Design Space makes designing what you want to cut easy to help you quickly make amazing things.

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If You Like It, Put a Bow on It!

Everything is better with a bow on it! Add a fabric bow to a makeup bag, pencil case, you name it. The Cricut Explore will help you cut out the bow shapes and in a matter of minutes you've made a bow! DIY Fabric Bow
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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Chase away the winter blues with some Cricut® improved boots!
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Upcycle Leather Tech Case

Upcycle a leather tech case into something edgy!

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A Message from our CEO: Why you will LOVE Cricut Explore

How we redefined Cricut as a company to redefine the Cricut machine.

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Precise Cuts Every Time with Cricut Explore

Cricut Explore with Cut Smart Technology The big question- Does Cricut Explore cut better? Here's your answer.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

It's not too late to throw a festive party for Chinese New Year!
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Have questions about the Cricut Explore™ system? We have answers!

We’re so happy there’s been so much discussion around Cricut Explore™ and Cricut Design Space™! We’ve been hearing a lot of questions on our Facebook page and the message boards, so we wanted to post the top FAQs in one place. Here they are!

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What is this new Cricut product I keep hearing about? What is the new Cricut machine?

Cricut Explore is the most versatile Cricut machine on the market.

Make just about anything you can think of! From home décor to fashion and accessories, Cricut Explore will help you make projects that show off your imagination.
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DIY Glamorized Handbag

Customize an average handbag and make it fabulous!
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Happy 2014!

Whatever you’re up to December 31st, usher in the New Year with a creative mindset and super-fly party wear made with your Cricut!

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Festive Cricut Gift Tags

Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to wrap!
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Neighbor Treat Bags

Cricut can make neighbor gifts easy this year!

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Win a Ticket to Alt Summit 2014

Win a Ticket to Alt Summit 2014 from Cricut!

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Paper Christmas Trees

Deck the halls with these simple holiday trees!
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Cricut Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Easy ideas to make your Elf's adventures more festively fun!


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Cricut Fox Party

See how Oleander and Palm slyly pulls a fox party together with Cricut.
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Foxy Crafts


All types of foxes- all types of places. Owls? Who gives a hoot. Foxes are the newest animal trend you should follow
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Have you started on your holiday cards?

This week! Use this small gift in Cricut Craft Room to continue giving to others who might need some holiday cheer!
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Inspiration: Fall Tablescape

Cozy up and make something! We are extremely grateful that there exists a certain air to this time of year that stirs something in people, urging them to make something!


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Some interesting data on the people that craft and why they craft!
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Fifty Free- Free Holiday Cards in Cricut Craft Room

Download Cricut Craft Room free today and get started on those holiday cards now!
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Really last minute Halloween Decor and Costumes

Find last day, hour and minute inspiration and Happy Halloween wishes from Cricut!
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Halloween Nails- Part Two

halloween_nails_part_two_thumb Use your Cricut to create DIY Halloween Nails.
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Halloween Nails- Part One

Inspiration for spooktacular Halloween Nails DIYs.
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Fan Feature Friday: Glittery Tee Pee and Indian Costume

Creative costume inspiration from Natalme.
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Quick Tip Thursday- Cricut Iron-on

Quickly becoming a favorite material around here, our Cricut Iron-on Glitter in Gold is the easiest and fastest way to add sparkle and shine to clothing and home decor without a hint of the mess loose glitter leaves behind.
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Art Deco Decorating

A little mid-week inspiration to get your craft engine roaring...
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How Tuesday: Gilded Caramel Apple Bar

Perfect for your brilliant fall bash, Cricut makes easy glitter accents to accessorize crisp fall apples in a Gilded Caramel Apple bar.
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Glitz Blitz

This Halloween, consider putting on the glitz for your party and bring back the Roaring Twenties with Cricut.
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How To Tuesday: Shakespeare Wall Hanging


Something crafty this way comes! What can you make with your Cricut® machine this week? Try this spooky Shakespeare wall hanging!
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How To Tuesday: Easy Phone Vinyl

Make your phone more fun! Create your very own phone stickers using Cricut® Vinyl and our latest designs.
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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this, but it’s simply not true. IF you begin at the beginning with your horse. If you start by putting the relationship first. The bond first. By giving the horse the opportunity to choose you. Not vice versa. That simple act makes all the difference. Allowing the horse to say I trust you to be in my herd and be my leader. Rather than forcing your leadership upon him.
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Good morning Cricut fans! As many of you have heard, we will be revamping the Cricut Blog.
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Did you know that being nice to others can actually be good for you?
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